Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dellavedova Diving for a Lose Ball Against the Atlanta Hawks

            Up until the start of this spring's NBA playoffs, Matthew Dellavedova has been practically unknown. Playing just above 17 minutes per game, Dellavedova was not much of a contributing factor during the Cleveland Cavaliers' regular season. However, things have changed. With the absence of star point guard Kyrie Irving, Dellavedova has come into his own.
            The backup point guard has used his grit, hustle, and sheer toughness to help propel the Cavaliers all the way to this years NBA finals. However, he has been scrutinized for his rough style of play. Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks recently said that his teammates had identified Dellavedova as a player with a "track record". In Cleveland's second round series, he was involved in an altercation with Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls that resulted in Gibson being ejected. In the Conference Finals, Dellavedova rolled into the legs of Kyle Korver, ending his season with a severe ankle injury.
          Randy Bennet, Dellavedova's former college coach recently said that "He's catching heat from playing hard", and that Dellavedova "can't back off that. It's his game". It seems that numerous people have been frustrated with his chippy play style throughout the playoffs, yet Dellavedova continues to win and carry his team with his attitude and hard work. 
          It seems to me that he should not be scrutinized for his style of play. His actions that have drawn attention are from a result of hard work and gritty play style, not bad intention. Most people don't know that Dellavedova was "shut down from working out because he would try to go three times a day". From my point of view, Dellavedova is an extremely hard worker that has earned his success.
         Do you think Matthew Dellavedova is being wrongfully scrutinized or do people have a reason to be upset with his play style?

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